What matters to me, and hopefully to you, is that you have choices in your labor and you feel supported in that choice. Fun fact? Biology says you would probably have an easier birth in the dark….but we can talk more about that in our free consultation.

I am a Doula and Educator.

I work as a doula and a certified HypnoBirthing­­® Childbirth Educator. To me there is nothing cooler than the human body during the childbearing year, and I like to share my enthusiasm for birth by showing you how to use the tools that you were born with to ensure a powerful birthing experience.

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Not the one giving birth?

Partners benefit most from hiring a doula, if you ask me. Most people who don’t yet have children or who didn’t come from large families, have never seen a human be born. (It's a super awesome experience!...In my humble opinion.) However, asking someone to step up to the plate and play ball when they’ve never held a bat or seen the sport played, is just unsportsmanlike.

The cool thing about having a partner AND a doula is that we can play off each other’s strengths to give you your best birth experience. Your partner knows you and I know birth. And the other true benefit? Your partner can get a nap, grab a snack, or let the dog out, and you are never left alone (unless you want to be alone).

Building Your Family in a Different Way?

As a Stillbirthday Adoption Doula, I work eagerly alongside Birth Moms, Adoptive Parents, Gestational Surrogates, and/or Intended Parents, to create positive birth experiences, provide private childbirth education, promote bonding, and assist with newborn care. Did you know that I also provide Postpartum Services?



Birth Doula

Photo by frances rabon, doula mommy llc

Photo by frances rabon, doula mommy llc

Support for birthing persons and partners throughout pregnancy, labor, and the immediate postpartum.
The Birth Doula is your personal birthing guru- more knowledgeable than Facebook, and at your beck and call 24/7 via text, email, and phone.

Classes & Gatherings

photo by valeriya zhemchug

photo by valeriya zhemchug

 At Midnight Sun Birth Services, I believe in providing education, healing, and support for parents at any stage of their journey. I teach HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education classes to help support easier labors, and I offer Dancing For Birth™ classes, which instruct in movement for labor and beyond. Click below to see what's on the Calendar!

Postpartum Doula 

photo by frances rabon, doula mommy llc

photo by frances rabon, doula mommy llc

An infant has invaded your home! Now what?
Call the doula. Postpartum doulas work in the home providing assistance with newborn care, birth story listening, light household chores, meal or snack prep, and extra love for anyone who recently gave birth.



“Jessie is amazing. She is very generous and felt like a [guardian] throughout my labor experience, especially while at the hospital. She was there when we needed her to be, she did not have an "agenda" but was always able to assist in the right way. ”