Photograph by Frances Rabon, Doula mommy llc

Photograph by Frances Rabon, Doula mommy llc

Benefits of Hiring a Birth Doula:

According to the 2017 Cochrane Review on Continuous Support for Women, women with continuous labor support from someone who is neither hospital staff nor in the woman's social network (i.e. a sister or mother) appear:

15% more likely to have a Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery

39% less likely to have a Cesarean Birth

35% less likely to have a negative birth experience

10% less likely to receive Analgesic pain medication

10% less likely to have instrumental delivery (forceps or Vacuum extraction)

and 38% less likely to have a low 5-minute Apgar score


Pretty cool, right?

Birth Doula Services

As a birth doula, I provide education and preparation prenatally, continuous labor support, and assistance postpartum with everything from newborn care to lactation. 


Birth Doula

I offer sliding scale fees, and I can customize my doula packages to fit your family's needs. 

If you are concerned about your ability to afford a doula, let's chat! 


Rave Reviews


Jessie was phenomenal! From the first time I met her, I was at ease.

“She was very thorough in preparing to work with me... She wanted to know exactly what it was that I wanted out of my birth and how she could help... When my birth finally did come around, she was there, 100%, totally helpful. I was so grateful to have had her there and would highly recommend her to anyone..”

— KJ

Jessie is amazing. She is very generous and felt like a [guardian] throughout my labor experience.

“She was there when we needed her to be, she did not have an "agenda" but was always able to assist in the right way. She is very calm and easy to get along with, while being assertive and knowledgeable about a variety of labor choices, I felt safe with her...We went over various resting and active positions and exercises during our early meetings and talked about the few routes our birth plan might go, so that we could be flexible if we needed to change anything--and still have a natural birth! ...Highly recommend her for others wanting to have a doula at their birth.”

— Kari


Add-On Services:

I offer a free consultation for all services.

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