Midnight Sun Birth Services
Midnight Sun Birth Services offers a variety of services that support mothers and families spiritually, emotionally, and physically through labor and postpartum.


For Expecting Parents, New Parents, & Doulas Alike, Midnight Sun Birth Services hits the topics you need to know!

The Invisible Mom

A lot of parents live in a gray area when it comes to working and child-rearing. 

If your partner, family member, or friend is a part of this large gray group of full-time working (or even part-time working), full-time stay-at-home parents, then here are 3 suggestions that I highly suggest if your partner is pulling double duty.

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10 Not-So-Pretty Things Mom Needs for Postpartum

Postpartum women are leaky (to put it mildly). As I tell my clients, you should prepare to be a giant open wound from head to toe. What does this mean for recovery? It means that you need multiple ways to bandage, sop up, and absorb all those leaks. Here are 10 items that can be life-saving for this beautiful (wet) time period.

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