Meet Jessie, the Doula


My Education

I have had many amazing preceptors and trainers. For every hour of training I put in, they have put in hundreds, and I try my hardest to honor all of the knowledge I have the honor to be bestowed with by my teachers.

A little about me…

My name is Jessie Howard and originally, I wanted to be a rock star. Most people laugh when I tell them that, but I am dead serious! I was in the School of Rock Music from ages 15 to 17, playing electric guitar alongside teen rock protégés and playing cool gigs like a Zappa cover show alongside Napoleon Murphy Brock of The Mothers of Invention.

How did the Rock Star dream turn into the Doula dream?

Easy. I had a baby.

My pregnancy hit me at a less than ideal time- my last semester of undergrad, when I was studying Cultural Anthropology. At the time, I was planning to pursue grad school for Sex and Gender Studies….and then I found myself with a kiddo on board!

When I first read about doulas during my pregnancy, I thought they were a luxury item, and way above my financial means. After my daughter arrived though, I was struck by what true value there would have been in having an un-related, non-judgmental, birth pro in that labor room with me.

For the birth of my second daughter, I took a piece of my own advice and built my perfect birth team, doula included.

Oh Molasses-Jedidiah, it made…

All. the. Difference.

Jessie is calm, cool and collected when it matters most! Our pregnancy and delivery got complicated and was full of the unexpected...We were welcoming our Rainbow Baby, and after two previous losses, we appreciated Jessie’s comfort in acknowledging ALL of the emotions involved, both happy and sad.
— Amy