The Postpartum Doula.

A combination of a Mother's Helper and a Newborn Nanny that seeks to help mothers heal, families adjust to a new personality in the house, and to keep the household from falling into disarray. If you are adopting or using a surrogate, postpartum services can be beneficial in helping with sleep and feeding routines, processing this new human, and help with any questions that may arise in the meantime. Finally, I do offer over night shifts for those who are desperately in need of sleep. Postpartum work is highly customized to your needs.

What Can a Postpartum Doula help with?

-Newborn Care
-Birth Story Processing
-Diapering/Cloth Diapering
-Basic Lactation/Formula Help
-Pumping/Cleaning Parts
-Light Household Cleaning
-Meal Prep
-Sleep Routines
-Sibling Assistance/Bonding

& More!

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Daytime (9am-6pm)
-Minimum of 4 hours per shift
-Minimum of at least 3 shifts to book services

Night Shifts (6pm-7am)
-Minimum of 6 hours a shift
-Minimum of at least 3 shifts to book services

Additional Postpartum Services:


Take a break from the hustle and bustle.

You have a newborn to hold onto- call the doula for the rest!