Midnight Sun Birth Services
Midnight Sun Birth Services offers a variety of services that support mothers and families spiritually, emotionally, and physically through labor and postpartum.

Who I Am

It all started when...

The Doula, Jessie, and her daughter.

I got pregnant. Go figure, right?

Hi, My name is Jessie and I am the founder of Midnight Sun Birth Services.
My senior year of college I found myself pregnant without a plan and in between relationships. I was raised by a Labor & Delivery nurse so I considered myself fairly educated on the subject of birth, and I dove headfirst into the process. Quickly, I found myself in a less than ideal situation-- under-educated on birth & newborn procedures, surrounded by people who did not support my birth preferences, and without the support I desperately needed. 

When my daughter was six months old, I reached a life-changing decision.
I never wanted another birthing person to feel alone or unsupported. I wanted to teach, nurture, and celebrate women as the life-bringing goddesses they are during this amazing journey. I wanted to bring partners closer together in labor.

So, I became a doula. 

I founded Midnight Sun Birth Services in 2016, and continued on my educational journey, adding new services along the way. I now consider myself an All-Purpose Doula, and I serve families in all phases of birth and loss, in pregnancy and postpartum. Since, I have obtained additional training and certification as a Reiki practitioner and a professional Aromatherapist, so that I can better aid families in promoting their own health & wellness through holistic, natural means.

I am greatly humbled by my work, and honored by your invitation into life's most precious and private moments.